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Home Run Improvement experts deal with any renovation service, including the most common kitchen and bathroom renovations. We are your one stop shop providing home remodeling in Louisville KY, as our team has everything you need. Being one of the leading Louisville remodeling contractors, we strive to turn every home improvement project into an exceptional experience.

Best Ideas for Home Renovation

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The idea of enhancing your home is not as easy as it may seem. Decide what you want, engage skilled workers (or even try to complete the project yourself) and – bam – it’s all done. However, in real life, those projects are quite complex and require experienced constructors and professional engineers.

Moreover, away from the initial brick-and-mortar considerations, here stand the financial ones. For instance, what final cost of the project will be and would you be able to compensate that value? It’s also worth considering whether you are planning to sell your house in a couple of years. After all, how far is your project reasonable and achievable?

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The smartest way to complete a home remodeling is to engage a team of professionals guiding you through the whole project. Think about a living space that matches the needs of your family, in line with getting maximum increased value to your house. Don’t be shy to contact our specialists and check the options our company offers.

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Our Home Remodeling Team Deals with:

Home Extensions

Home extensions are always a great decision, especially for individuals who want to add extra space to their property without spending much time and money. Do you want to get your living room enhanced to have a more relaxed and open seating area? Do you need increased wall space for a fancy new television? Maybe, you are thinking of adding the whole room?

First of all, we determine whether or not a repair is possible. After that, we ensure the final reconstruction result is financially worthwhile, structurally and legally compliant, as well as pleasant to the eye.

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Casting about kitchen remodeling in Louisville KY? Whether you are starting with budget-friendly redecoration, or overhauling your out-of-date kitchen to get the dream one, HRI will rework a former place just to cook and clean dishes into the very heart of a busy household.

Here are some basic objective points usually considered by our customers, and brought to life by our team: new tile flooring installation, creating new countertops, drywall construction or repair, adding custom cabinets, installing energy-efficient appliances, increased storage, breakfast bars, skylights and sun tunnels, as well as creating hood vents using low-maintenance materials for every remodeling stage.

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Often considered as one of the most important rooms in the house, the bathroom must reflect its every-day usage. So, when considering remodeling or designing one, the key is to ask yourself how you use the bathroom – aside from its general purpose.

For instance, are you hurry-and-get-ready by nature? Then you may want to get a large shower complete with a set of multiple shower heads and efficient lighting (or perhaps a sun tunnel) for your day beginning. Or maybe you like to enjoy the time and space? A shower/sauna combination, heated floors, a large soaking tub, and special lighting for the make-up application may fit your needs best.

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