When to Replace a Roof

Roughly every 15 – 25 years a roof has been used up from the weather and/or is leaking / damaged and needs to be replaced. How a Roof is layered/built up is something that every home owner needs to know more about. It is linked directly to the quality of life for all people and pets in your home. Just as important, looking for a quality local Louisville Roofer can be difficult. The  research for the company, material options, pricing, and dealing with insurance details even before any work has begun can be confusing. You may find yourself giving up on the idea, just for the sheer scale of the project and what it involves.

Key Indicators make replacing a roof a Top priority to protecting your home:

  • Roof Leaks
  • Bad Plywood (the Roof Deck)
  • Mold

Roofing PartsTop Roof / Louisville Roofer Considerations

If you are looking for a new roof on your home, you will have to think about the materials and the way the Roofer is going to get the work done. Some owners think that they can do the work themselves only to later discover that it is very difficult and best to find a qualified Louisville Roofer with the Team and Equipment to properly install a new Roof. Some owners are in a desperate situation that needs urgent help, which could cost more than if they would have planned ahead. When you are thinking of getting a new roof for your home, chances are that you will not want to go at it alone. Not only is the construction dangerous, but it is hard to select the correct roofing materials and to construct it in a reliable manner.

Louisville RooferThere are, of course, advantages to getting a Contractor to do the roofing for you. The number one advantage of hiring a Roofer is that you will be able to get Professional feedback on material options, for both aesthetic and practical reasons. If you have any questions about damage to your roof, or anything to do with style, you should be able to speak with your Contractor.

Key Factors to finding a Qualified Roofer for your Home (your #1 Asset):

Maximum Owner Benefit

Another advantage of using a roofing contractor is that you are assured of having the job done right the first time, there should be maximal efficiency to the work. This allows you minimal time from work and the absolute minimum discomfort for you and your family while the work is being done.

Not only can they do what you request of them, but your roofing contractor should also be able to locate / fix any problem areas that may be arising. This is very important because if you can get these areas repaired early, you may be able to avoid a lot of damage to your home down the road. It is very important to get a roofing job done as professionally and as thoroughly as possible, and considering all the trouble ares can save you time and money.


Checking References is the best ways to determine if the workmanship and Contractor is trustworthy. Time invested in reviewing what others experience is can make your decision easier. You can review projects online and/or drive by and see the quality, and ask people what they thought of the level of service that they received. By checking potential Contractors up front, you will be able to avoid running into problems after they have already started the job.