In the U.S., the roofing industry is gradually evolving from constructing simple protection solutions for properties into the art that emphasizes the curb appeal and makes your house greener. Homeowners tend to opt for materials which prove to be beautifully designed and eco-friendly with ever-increasing frequency. That said, they are still not ready to compromise on durability as the risk of storm-related damages in the country is tremendously high. And they do not need to. Nowadays, contractors come up with roofing solutions which combine efficiency, excellent performance, and appealing look in one go. Read on to know what else the latest energy, designer, and eco-roofs have to offer.

Going green with metal and slate roofs

For those who do care about their homes being eco-friendly, the choice of roofing often comes down to metal and slate materials. Other than their landmark green features, these roofs are way superior to their counterparts in terms of durability and sustainability. To make it clear, metal shingles are deemed to be the best for withstanding extreme weather conditions, like heavy rain, increased humidity, hail, and high wind. Plus, they will be your perfect home fit if the substantial fire resistance is of importance to you.

As for the longevity, there are no materials which can hold a candle to a slate roof. Its tiles are made of natural stone and turn this uppermost covering into the longest-lasting option currently offered by manufacturers. Once you get slate shingles installed, the next replacement project can be put on the back burner. On average, the roof of this type lasts from 50 to 100 years.

A living roof makes the lineup of environment-friendly building coverings complete. It is now gaining in popularity by leaps and bounds while finding its massive use in commercial applications.

Since it is covered with vegetation, a living roof is all about:

  • lower greenhouse gas emissions;
  • self-sustainability;
  • minimal maintenance;
  • reduced energy consumption.

Adding up to your energy savings with solar panel shingles

Solar panel shingles installed on a house

With the advance of solar panels, you can utilize your roof space in the most efficient way. Even though they offset your energy bills, these large rectangular devices on the top of your house may undermine its curb appeal. But what if you could get an efficient and aesthetically-pleasing roof at the same time? That’s when installing solar panel shingles makes sense.

Similar to traditional ones, these roofs can be designed in a plethora of patterns to make your home look fabulous. But it is their energy-saving features that account for the high demand among property owners. Depending on how much roof space your solar tiles cover, they can generate nearly 30-50% of your annual electricity consumption.

Quality energy-efficient shingles can last as long as 40 years if maintained properly. No matter how you slice it, getting solar panel roof tiles installed is an investment that will pay for itself in no time.

Considering designer roof shingles for home improvement

Texture of wooden designer roof shingles

According to real estate agents, the curb appeal does matter to people looking for a place to settle in. What enhances the home’s exterior the most is sophisticated roofing. And today contractors can meet your needs with an endless variety of luxury options. It’s no longer about having a hard time matching and improving the architectural style of your house.

Selecting designer roof shingles always starts with the color. Now you can choose from light grey, beige, cream and brown mixes, as well as hundreds of other hue combinations. New colors are added to the range of tiles with each passing day. The only limit here is your imagination.

For an enhanced building’s aesthetics, you are also provided with a variety of decorative tile patterns and textures. Go and opt for everything from elegant fiber cement panels to laminated shingles and cedar shakes. Although you may take your pick yourself, it’s recommended to ask a well-qualified contractor to help you match your roof style.

Let’s make your roof stand out

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