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At Home Run Improvement we have turned the home renovation experience into absolutely a successful and enjoyable one. To minimize the risk of your project, we use full-end strategy, overlapping design, implementation and construction phases with a very smooth transition. Through the years, our experts have developed an original scheme for improvement divided into five primary stages.

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Stage 1: Initial Meeting

As the leading interior designers in Louisville, we suggest working by appointment to ensure excellent service for our customers. We always settle initial meetings aimed at discussing the project scope and budget. After considering your ideas during the meeting, your desires for home interior decoration will be developed into a list of needs, goals, and desires. Our experts will take the required photos and measurements of your home to create an interior survey. After that, we will analyze the financial budget for your project. Having this information acquired, we will be able to proceed with working out your personal design concept.

Stage 2: Design and Contract Formulation

After Initial Meeting Stage, we will complete your design concept, which approximates home interior decoration or enhancing schemes of the chosen spaces, according to current conditions of your home. That will allow us to calculate the cost estimate for your project and reconcile it against the budget, in line with getting maximum value for your house. Once a Design Contract for design services is drafted, we will deliver a corresponding suit of Construction Drawings.
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Stage 3: Design Completion

Existing design concept will be clarified and reworked into a formal plan with finalized space layout and exact dimensions. At the same time, we finish with the location and dimension of all movables, built-in furnishings, and fixtures. Current stage results in offering floor plans and elevations to be considered and approved by you. As soon as they are accepted, we proceed with construction documentation.
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Stage 4: Construction Documentation

Construction documentation plays a vital role in taking the building projects to the final stage of the constructional process. HRI experts understand the importance of construction documentation like no one else. Our specialists will prepare the set of documentation allowing to acquire official building permission. After that, we will be able to complete all the necessary Construction Drawings with the final cost estimate to be put under final consideration.
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Stage 5: Construction

As soon as the Building Permit is well-receipted, we will be able to make up a schedule with a Project Manager assigned to it. The work starts, while we will have regular on-site meetings appointed for reviewing the previous weekly work, current activities, as well as actions settled for the next week. This scheme guarantees timely feedback, so all changes and corrections will be addressed to minimize any possible impact, as well as ensure the project schedule is maintained.
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