When rainwater finds its way inside your house, a whole array of problems is to be expected – from discolored spots on the walls and ceiling to indoor mold growth. And if you don’t handle it as soon as possible, it can not only ruin the appearance of your property but even lead to a cave-in. That’s why you need to bend your efforts to locate the source of a leak once the first signs of roof water damage are detected. This can save you from many impending pitfalls.

Here are some of the most common ‘warning signals’ that may indicate there’s a leak in your home:

  • water stains, marks, and spots
  • paint bubbles on the interior walls
  • dripping sounds
  • rotten wood or other materials
  • rings of mold
  • musty smell in the attic

Have you noticed all of these signs in your home? You have a leaking roof, make no mistake. Before you handle the situation, you should accurately locate all leaks and check where they stem from. This will help you come up with a suitable remediation plan and find out whether you need to repair holes in the roof, fix underlayment, replace flashing, or whatever.

Finding a roof leak in the attic

A homeowner is making roof repairs

First, make sure a leak in your house is not caused by plumbing or air conditioning failures because those should be addressed differently. Once you find out it’s your roof that is to blame by the process of elimination, grab a flashlight and go into your attic. Locate the area from which water is dripping, but be careful as the floor may be wet and unsafe to walk on. If there is no obvious damage, like holes or punctures that require simple roof water leak repairs, look for such signs as black marks and exposed nails under the deck. They should be easily detectable in most cases.

However, finding a roof leak may be not that easy when there are plenty of discolored spots on your ceiling, but it doesn’t rain at the moment. If your attic inspection turns out to be unsuccessful, get on the roof and bring a garden hose along. Try to imitate a rainy event and ask someone to stay in the attic so that he or she can locate the source of a leak while you’re directing water on the roof. To do that right, you should:

  • set up a ladder and ensure that it’s stationary;
  • use a hose to direct water from one area to the other;
  • go slowly so that you don’t miss any section on the roof;
  • ask a person who stays in the attic to give you a shout once a leak is spotted;
  • try to access the source and make emergency repairs to prevent any further roof water damage if possible.

Professional roofers can simplify your life

Professional roofers are examining sources of leaks

Even though you can try to spot leaks and fix them on your own, you can never be sure they won’t happen again. Unless you call for expert assistance from the specialists who have years of experience under their belt. With Home Run Improvement, finding those specialists will be as easy as pie. We can take the guesswork out of leak detection, patch holes in your roof, replace missing shingles, remove ceiling stains, and much more. When you leave your roofing issues to us, you can rest assured there’s no unfixable problem.

Have a look at our full range of roofing services and find out how to schedule a free inspection. Our professional roofers will make sure your house is leak-free and safe to live in!