Unless you’re a cave dweller, you probably know that the importance of siding should never be underestimated. Much like a roof, it protects the whole building from the elements and makes your living comfortable. Plus, if it fits a house well, siding gives it an impressively welcoming look from the street. No matter the type, it can enhance the attractiveness of your home, making a picture-perfect first impression on everyone in your neighborhood. But which cladding to go for? The best answer for the vast majority of homeowners in the U.S. is LP SmartSide vertical siding, panels, and other products out of the brand’s engineered wood range.

What the facts show is that LP SmartSide has become the top choice of siding solutions for residential buildings over the recent years. Every other American prefers cladding from this brand to its counterparts for the simple reason that its benefits are too abundant to disregard.

Why do homeowners choose LP panel siding?

Panel cladding of a residential house

When you get LP SmartSide board-and-batten, vertical, or panel siding installed, you can rest easy knowing that the impacts from the outside won’t cause any damage to your house (unless you’re living near an active volcano or in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, of course). The thing is that all LP products feature the revolutionary 4-component layer of protection, allowing them to stand up to the impacts of different natural phenomena. Those components include:

  • adhesive resins intended to ensure superior bonding;
  • waxes that are used to provide engineered wood with the highest level of moisture resistance;
  • zinc borate which forms a reliable line of defense against wood-decay fungus;
  • a resin-saturated overlay that is added to strengthen resistance properties and protect strands from termites.

Another reason why LP panel siding and other products of this brand are at the top of homeowners’ must-buy lists is that the pieces come with fewer seams and are easy to cut. Also, LP SmartSide wood is lightweight and ready-to-paint, which allows you to reduce installation costs by several times.

A bunch of these benefits is backed up by the 5/50-year limited warranty. It is designed to ensure the absence of any LP siding problems and provide you with peace of mind for half a century! Isn’t that something to factor in when picking the right cladding for your home?

A look at the assortment

Several treated wood planks intended to be designed for siding

If you choose to go with siding from LP SmartSide, take a moment to consider which cladding will give your exterior walls a second-to-none look. This brand has, indeed, a lot to offer, and its most popular products are:

  • Lap siding. It is designed to complement the curb appeal of brick, stucco, and stone elements. Plus, a variety of LP SmartSide lap siding sizes enables you to bring all your exterior design ideas to life.
  • Panel and vertical siding. Panels are your best choice to add a touch of glowing warmth to exterior walls, be it a bungalow or an office. If you’re a fan of traditional boards and battens, though, rest assured that vertical siding will fit the bill.
  • Shingles. Nothing is more versatile than LP SmartSide shingles. They can be used for a plethora of building types, keeping the appearance of any structure well-balanced and impossible to miss.
  • Soffit. Like other types of LP siding, soffit panels are available in cedar textures and smooth finishes. But what makes them stand out is that they can ensure proper airflow in addition to highlighting the architectural beauty of your house.

Are you ready to make your choice to end up with a powerful curb appeal enhancer? Take your time and let Home Run Improvement, your team of highly qualified LP SmartSide contractors, help you with cladding installation. We are here to cover all the bases for you!