It is common knowledge that water can seriously endanger the foundation of a house if not carried away immediately. It is gutters that serve as effective discharge systems to remove liquid from the top of a building. They get installed below roof eaves and are responsible for collecting rainwater while directing it to a downspout. However, every system has vulnerable spots, and this one is no exception. Seams and gutter miters are considered to be highly susceptible to leakage because they are the areas where water from the roof accumulates. Improper management of the liquid may result in mold growth, irreversible siding damages, and critical issues related to foundation integrity.

To avoid these dangers, a special water discharge unit is installed. A seamless system with hand miter gutter corners is believed to be the most preferred choice among homeowners. Its structure consists of far fewer joints which means that the potential risk of leakage is greatly minimized.

Benefits of Going Seamless

Seamless gutters installed below roof eaves

A seamless gutter is designed to be integral, bringing considerable advantages to safety and appearance of your roof. Let’s take a closer look at what exactly all-in-one water discharge units have to offer:

  • Easy maintenance

    Since they don’t have many joints, seamless systems with hand-crafted gutter miters are less vulnerable to devastating effects of debris. They are fixed more firmly, making it impossible for leaves, twigs, and scattered pieces of rubbish to accumulate in a roof pipe. Thus, homeowners won’t face any maintenance issues when removing debris and unclogging gutters.

  • Effective protection against water leakage

    Unlike sectional gutters, seamless units do not require scores of joints and other tools to keep their parts together. A few fasteners at corners and downspouts are the only things needed to install this system on the roof. Such a design dramatically reduces the risk of water leakage that may result in enormous damages to your property.

  • Wide range of options

    From aluminum to copper, seamless systems with hand miter gutter corners come in a myriad of materials today. Besides, they are available in various colors, enabling homeowners to pick the one that matches the exterior design of their houses.

  • Aesthetic appearance

    Gutters without seams and joints provide a building with a more uniform look. Also, they may be custom cut to highlight the roof appearance.

Types of Gutter Miters

Worker installing a gutter corner

As we’ve already mentioned, a corner of a guttering run is one of the most vulnerable parts of the whole water discharge system. Today the market offers several solutions to cancel out its weaknesses. When it comes to installing an angle, homeowners and roofing contractors usually use box, strip, or hand mitered gutter corners. Let’s find out what each of them has to offer.

A box miter is a pre-manufactured corner that comes in a single piece intended to attach guttering runs. Although this type is deemed to be the easiest one to install, it requires fastening and sealing of two seams. All joints and fasteners remain visible, and this may compromise the general appearance of a house. Moreover, there is always a risk that a pre-manufactured box miter won’t match the sizes of your guttering runs.

Unlike the previous type, a strip gutter miter features a single-seam design which means that only one area needs to be carefully sealed. In fact, it is a small piece of aluminum that has a 90° bend and covers the seam. A strip unit requires some screws and rivets to be installed.

A hand miter gutter corner is a unit that makes a difference. It keeps two pieces of a guttering run together with the help of special tabs overlapping them on the inner surfaces. When mitered adequately, this corner is capable of providing substantial leakage resistance because there is no need to deal with many seams. It features only one joint without any visible pieces on the outside of a residential gutter. Finally, a hand-crafted miter can be custom cut to look professionally and fit the sizes of your water discharge system. Home Run Improvement highly recommends and uses this technique when crafting gutter miters. Our hand crafted miters minimize the opportunity for any future leaks. This allows us to offer a (10) Year Craftsmanship Warranty on all of our gutter work.

The Choice Is Yours

To sum up, there are three types of gutter miters which are used for residential guttering runs today. However, just one of them meets most homeowners’ needs in terms of leakage protection and roof appearance. It is a hand mitered corner that ensures an aesthetically pleasing look and durability even under conditions of heavy use. Contact Home Run Improvement if you want to find out more.