The last thing you want is to leave your roof, siding, and foundation susceptible to water damage. And this is not only about taking good care of your plumbing. When your gutter is filled with nothing but gunk, it will fail to channel the rainwater from the top of your house to the ground. What that means to you as a homeowner, you may ask? Well, think of ceiling leaks, indoor stains, ice dams, and thousands of dollars spent on rectifying the situation. Cleaning gutters on the roof is all too important to disregard if you want to steer clear of those knock-on effects. Let’s get the hang of keeping your drainage system flowing in an unobstructed manner.

When is the best time to clean your gutters?

Gutter cleaning must be at the top of your agenda at least twice a year. The best time to do the job is in the spring and fall, but it depends. If your yard is brimming with trees, your gutters are more likely to be clogged by twigs and leaves, which is why you will need to remove them 4 times a year.

It’s also recommended that you clean your gutters more often than bi-annually if your house is nestled in the area where precipitation is common. Frequent rain and storms may cause water to flow over your drainage system, especially when there is a mess inside it. Before you start tidying it up, though, you’d better check the weather forecast to let the contents of your gutter dry out.

Cleaning gutters: 5 Tips on how to do that right

A man is cleaning the gutter

To end up having a well-functioning gutter without putting your safety at risk while cleaning it, follow these 5 tips:

  1. Put on protective gear.
  2. Whether it’s hot or cold outside, it’s of utmost importance to be fully dressed when cleaning gutters on the roof. Be sure to wear work clothes, rubber gloves, and a face mask to prevent pollen and dust from getting into your eyes.

  3. Position the ladder.
  4. Before you climb up, you need to set up the ladder so that it is stationary, no matter what. Place it on the solid ground and make sure there’s no slippery stuff beneath its footing. Ladder levelers will help you if the surface is soft or wet.

  5. Remove the gunk.
  6. The best way of cleaning gutters is to use a scoop to collect the contents and then throw them into the bucket attached to your ladder. Alternatively, you can place a tarp or a big garbage bag near the exterior wall to dump the debris down.

  7. Keep it flowing.
  8. To finish the clean-out, you need to flush your gutter so that the smallest objects are removed. Use your garden hose and direct the flow of water towards the downspout. Better yet, you should place a gutter-cleaning attachment if you have one.

  9. Check it for missing parts.
  10. As time goes by, gutters tend to sag due to water accumulation and debris build-ups. Always inspect your one to replace missing hangers, spikes, or brackets to prevent the entire system from falling.

Nothing is more important than your safety

A worker is cleaning the gutter using the hose

Even though these five cleaning-gutters tips can save lives and homeowners’ money, doing the work on your own isn’t always a great idea. The dangers of this type of household chores go far beyond ladder falls and loose gutters, which is why you may want Home Run Improvement to do that for you.

We specialize in gutter installation services in Louisville and know how dangerous it may be to remove the debris at the roof height. With us, however, you no longer need to do that yourself. Call 502-379-7415 and leave your gutter cleaning to Home Run Improvement!