Even if you doggedly stick to all maintenance guidelines and follow your contractor’s recommendations, your gutters may fail, causing an overflow. Why? No system is guaranteed to be protected from all angles. You’ve guessed it: any gutter may once get clogged by leaves, twigs, or scattered pieces of rubbish. And you can’t climb a ladder every other day to clean that stuff out. With some of the solutions offered by industry-leading gutter guard manufacturers, you don’t need to.

Those of you who want to say goodbye to clogging, leaks and other ‘simple pleasures’ of every homeowner’s life have to realize that a gutter guard is not an add-on for your existing system. It’s a must-have. Much like a water filter, it keeps pollutants away, ensuring the flawless performance of your roof drainage system. In other words, your ‘guarded’ gutter will divert rainwater to the ground in an obstacle-free way, no matter whether it’s pouring rain, heavy snowfall, or a howling blizzard outside.

As of 2019, Shur Flo gutter guard system is considered one of the most popular options among homeowners in the USA. And it is poised to complement a lot more roofs in the near future. Take a moment to gain a better understanding of its distinguishing features.

Top-5 advantages of Shur Flo leaf guard

A gutter is clogged by leaves and twigs

Shur Flo is a perforated aluminum gutter guard that is doubtlessly one of the most practical solutions. It is covered by a 20-year manufacturer warranty and boasts many benefits:

  • Secure fit. Shur Flo gutter protection system is installed on the top of your gutter with zip screws. It does not interfere with your shingles, and it’s hard to notice from the ground.
  • Hassle-free installation. You don’t need a huge set of tools to add this ‘filter’ to your roof drainage system. Shur Flo gutter guard installation is easy and can be performed without professional assistance.
  • No maintenance. Most contractors recommend cleaning gutters every 3 to 4 months. With Shur Flo perforated aluminum guard, you can forget about that once and for all.
  • All-side protection. It’s not uncommon to see birds making their nests in gutters. Not this time! The design with no holes in the front helps keep unwanted visitors away.
  • Affordable solution. Whereas other systems will cost you between $7 and $10 per linear foot, the price for Shur Flo gutter guard is far lower. It depends on a contractor, so ask your one.

3 Major Shur Flo gutter guard problems you need to be aware of

With all its advantages, Shur Flo has some drawbacks you should not disregard. Before choosing to get it for your gutter, be sure to pay heed to the following:

  • As Shur Flo guard is made from low-profile aluminum, it is not that strong. Tree branches and heavy debris can bend it or cause irreparable damage.
  • Strange as it may appear, another Shur Flo drawback comes from gutter guard installation. After attaching the system, it may be hard to remove and replace it if needed.
  • The brand doesn’t put a premium on diversity. Today Shur Flo solutions are only available in 2 styles with not much difference between them. However, more designs are expected.

Make your gutters protected with Home Run Improvement

A professional roofer is attaching a gutter guard

We are certified to provide gutter protection services throughout Kentucky. If you’re interested in Shur Flo or any other gutter guard that is maintenance-free and affordable, we are in a position to install it for you. Remember, climbing a ladder may be dangerous, and attaching the system the wrong way may void your roof warranty. With Home Run Improvement, however, that is never going to happen.