Picking the right siding for your home seems like one of the hardest choices ever. You want it to look charmingly, perform flawlessly, and last for years with little to no maintenance. In a desperate attempt to get that, many are misguided to have wood siding installed, yet they soon realize it is far from perfect. Thousands in upkeep costs and an array of termite problems may not actually outweigh its gorgeous appeal. But what if there were cladding that had a distinctive look of natural wood while being budget-friendly and maintenance-free? That’s where composite siding products come in.

Weatherboard made from composite materials is a great alternative to wood. It’s a type of low-maintenance siding, and it’s durable enough to withstand all weather-related impacts and stand up to pests. What makes it even a more appealing option is that composite cladding offers an unlimited choice of designs. Plenty of colors, shades, and finishes allow you to easily find a perfect fit for the exterior of your home.

Fiber cement siding is probably the first one that springs to mind when it comes to composite varieties. But why would you settle for unsightly caulking and inferior weather resistance capabilities? Say ‘No’ to these by opting for Celect® cellular composite siding by Royal, a zero-maintenance cladding solution claimed to help you feel the difference.

Top 3 benefits of Royal Celect® siding: Installation, appearance, and maintenance

Composite siding boards are nailed

Royal is a leader in sophisticated, highly sufficient building products in the U.S. It boasts a nationwide network of contractors and is committed to showing other composite siding manufacturers the way to follow in the industry. The company’s assortment goes far beyond cladding, running the gamut from soffits to decking.

One of the newest Royal’s siding solutions Celect® is deemed to be a reflection of homeowners’ needs. Made from recyclable cellular materials, it is resistant to not only decay and termites but also rotting, blistering, and fading. Covered by a 25-year coating warranty, Celect® is engineered to withstand UV rays, wind, and other nature’s blows without losing its performance characteristics.

Royal also claims that its innovative product outperforms other counterparts, including fiber cement varieties, in:

  • Composite siding installation. While fiber cement cladding requires diamond blade cutting and is pretty heavy, lightweight Celect® boards need no special equipment to be machined. With them, you can also forget about caulking and pre-treatment.
  • Look. Thanks to the unique interlocking joints and natural-wood appeal, this siding creates a seamless look without caulk lines or wall gaps. Plus, it is available in an abundance of fade-resistant colors, which allows it to be elegantly matched to any home exterior.
  • Upkeep. When you go for Celect®, there’s no need to repaint or recaulk it. Coated with the innovative Kynar Aquatec® technology, its finish is guaranteed to preserve the like-new appearance for years. Removing dirt with a garden hose is perfectly enough to take good care of this siding.

How much does Royal Celect® siding cost?

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