When the time comes to do trim and siding, there are a lot of siding options to choose from. Traditionally, people opt for wood siding owing to its natural beauty and biodegradable characteristics. However, there are a lot of other options that offer much more benefits in terms of installation, durability, and appearance.

What is LP® siding?

Home Run Improvement works only with high-end and innovative products. For this reason, we recommend using LP® SmartSide® siding panels. They are created by treating wood fibers or strands with a resin binder and zinc borate which ensure strength and protection against decay and termites. This engineered siding looks and feels like real cedar and provides the same beauty and warmth to houses. Moreover, it offers much better durability and performance. LP® SmartSide provides all the benefits of wood, vinyl, and fiber cement siding along with many other advantages. Let’s have a closer look at them.

Types of house siding panels

Benefits of LP® Smart board siding

  1. Excellent Resistance and durability

    Numerous LP® SmartSide® reviews claim that it provides great resistance to cupping, warping, and splitting. It also withstands rain, humidity, and extreme temperatures.

  2. Low maintenance

    Being resistant to contracting and expanding, LP® SmartSide® products require less maintenance than other siding options. All they need is an occasional cleaning to maintain their great appearance. LP® SmartSide® siding panels are available pre-primed and ready to paint. They provide perfect adhesion and consistent paint application which ensures long-lasting performance.

  3. Easy installation

    LP® SmartSide® boards are easy to work with because they are long, lightweight and knot-free. They can be easily cut with standard woodworking tools and thus, enable to get the job done fast.

  4. Custom beauty

    A variety of color options allow creating your own signature look. LP® SmartSide products offer warmth and beauty of wood and benefits of engineered wood siding. Also, LP® SmartSide Visualizer program allows making a preview of your house.

  5. Long-term warranty

    LP offers a 50-year limited warranty on the substance together with a 5-year, 100% labor and feature replacement warranty. It is one of the best offers on the market. In case of moving to a new place, the warranty can be transferred to the new homeowner.

  6. Environmentally friendly

    LP® SmartSide® produces minimal waste during the manufacturing process. The company uses fiber sourcing system and SFI-certified wood. All this means that the wood comes from well-maintained forests. LP also works with raw material suppliers to create bio-based waxes and resins that will help to reduce dependency on fossil fuels.

  7. Non-hazardous

    Installation of Smart LP® siding does not require special gear and training to protect against special cutting tools and airborne silica. LP® SmartSide® does not manufacture products with fly ash and silica. It uses zinc borate which does not create a risk of health hazards.

Man installing siding panels

Watch out for installation errors

LP® SmartSide® is one of the fastest growing siding brands in the USA offering great siding products that basically have no failures. If you decide to conduct research to learn about LP® smart siding pros and cons, most likely you won’t reveal any cons. However, home inspectors often find installation errors which can lead to various LP® siding issues and extra expenses in the long run.

Here are some of the most common installation errors:

  • Missing paint

    Missing paint at the cut edges is the most common installation error. LP® SmartSide® requires all surfaces to be primed and painted to ensure 100% protection of the siding panels.

  • Overdriven or underdriven nails

    Poor attachment may cause the siding rattle. In some cases, siding pieces can even detach and fall off.

  • Improper spacing at ends

    There are certain spacing standards that need to be met to prevent siding failures. The manufacturer requires to make a 3/16” gap at the end of each panel. This includes places where siding terminates vertically against doors, windows, and other fixtures.

  • Insufficient kickout flashing

    To prevent water from getting into the wall,a kickout flashing should be high enough. LP® SmartSide® recommends to make it 4” high.

  • Joint treatments

    To keep water out of the joint buttons, caulked or molding joints should be installed.

  • Insufficient clearance

    Make sure that there is sufficient clearance from the finished grade to the siding. The manufacturer recommends to make 6” clearance.

House siding and installation tools

If you need to do siding installation, get in touch with a contractor who has the right knowledge and experience to do the job correctly. Home Run Improvement offers home improvement services including LP® SmartSide® trim and siding. We have been serving Louisville and other Kentucky areas for more than 20 years. So, if you are looking for a reliable repair and remodeling partner, give us a call. We will advise you on the improvements that need to be made and offer the best solutions that will serve you for many years.