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A beautiful two-story house
Everything you must know about LP SmartSide shingles and other siding options

Unless you’re a cave dweller, you probably know that the importance of siding should never be underestimated. Much like a roof, it protects the whole building from the elements and makes your living comfortable. Plus, if it fits a house well, siding gives it an impressively welcoming look from the street. No matter the type,…

Stone veneer siding
What is better for your home: Fiber cement panels or stone siding?

No doubt, siding should be at the top of your agenda if you’re looking to spruce up or renovate your house. These days, so many options are available for sale that choosing a perfect one may be pretty tough. You can get wood, stone, vinyl, stucco, metal, fiber cement, or brick siding, to name a…

A durable gutter system
Why you should forget about DIY gutters installation and hire a professional

When we need to fix something around the house, there is always that voice inside our heads telling us that there is no need to get professional help, that we just as easily can do it ourselves. Indeed, nine times out of ten you can watch an online tutorial and avoid paying extra money to…

Hail and wind can cause serious damage to your shingles
Roof protection against wind and hail made easy

The average cost of a house in Kentucky is $143,000, and a large part of its value is the roof. Many people do not pay all that much attention to their roofs, but they are making a huge mistake. Neglecting this part of your home can result in damage that can be difficult and expensive…

Typical American suburban house with clapboard siding
The best types of house siding for your home

Siding forms your home’s first line of defense against wind, rain, and snow. But, you not only want your home to be protected from the elements, you also want to be sure that the exterior siding option you choose helps you maintain its curb appeal. There are a number of methods and types of siding…

A man is inspecting the roof surface
Secrets behind roof longevity – from attic insulation in winter to year-round maintenance

Leaving bedroom makeovers and kitchen remodeling aside, roof installation comes as the most costly home improvement project. To make sure that your investment will not vanish, it does make sense to take care of roof maintenance. This will allow you to extend its lifespan and eliminate the need of re-roofing every other year. Many homeowners…

A man on the ladder is installing parts of a gutter system
The best gutter systems for your home

A house is not complete unless it has a set of gutters to protect it from rain waiter. Without a properly installed rain gutter system, water will gather near the walls of your house. Not only will this standing water breed mosquitoes, cause mildew, and stain your walls, but it can also undermine your foundation,…

A beautiful house with a slate roof
The industry holds a new course: Eco, designer, and energy roofing

In the U.S., the roofing industry is gradually evolving from constructing simple protection solutions for properties into the art that emphasizes the curb appeal and makes your house greener. Homeowners tend to opt for materials which prove to be beautifully designed and eco-friendly with ever-increasing frequency. That said, they are still not ready to compromise…

Mold on exterior of the house
How to remove mold from vinyl siding

So you invested a small fortune into installing vinyl siding on your outside walls, and for a while, you have enjoyed the perfect exterior of your house. That is, until you started noticing unsightly dark stains on the walls. Indeed, vinyl siding is a durable, waterproof, and low-maintenance solution. But, unfortunately, it is not immune…

What are the pros and cons of DIY roofing
The Pros and Cons of DIY Roof Repair

When it’s time for a new roof, you might find yourself wondering if a DIY roof repair is right for you. Many homeowners take DIY roof replacement into consideration simply for the possibility of saving a few dollars here and there. It’s true that it can save you some money, but because so many things…